About Me

About Me

The inspiration behind Thambilis & Tantrums

Hermione Bigland Warman, Thambilis & Tantrums founder, was born on another, not so tropical island in the middle of the cold Irish sea: the Isle of Man. From an early age Hermione always had a passion for travel and new adventures especially warmer ones!

She moved to Sri Lanka in 2013 and found the Colombo way of life very different from her then hometown of London. She had made a vow that she would love and embrace all the new adventures and experiences she had, and would do her best to ensure that anyone who arrived would not feel quite as lost or lonely as she did.

Six years later, that promise manifested into a reality with the birth of her 3rd child, the platform T&T. Still learning and discovering her paradise isle, she is extremely excited to see the community of T&T exchange information and connect all the varying expat identities, be it a trailing spouse, singleton or parent. Hermione’s vision is to build not only a virtual hangout, but also a physical one, where all the information could be found, and new ideas discussed.

T&T welcome your thoughts and input and if you have something to write about OR would like to advertise with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch [email protected].