Within Colombo, the main areas would be: Colombo 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 and 07; immediate suburbs to consider are: Dehiwala, Mount Lavinia, Rajagiriya and Battaramulla. You will find a mix of apartments and houses in all these areas. The most central areas would be Colombo 02, 03, 05 & 07 in terms of restaurants and amenities but that is rapidly changing. Traffic is an ever-increasing issue in this city; it can become a handicap to your everyday life. It is worth thinking about where you work, schools etc when thinking about where to live.

Apartments and Houses

Which is best, an apartment or a house? The grass is always greener; so you really must think about what suits you best and whether you have family.

There are apartment blocks shooting up all over the place and they are becoming increasingly popular haunts for Sri Lankans and expats alike. In an apartment block you will have a lot of things taken care of, and the facilities in the newer apartments are very impressive; utility bills are often lower, and you don’t have to deal with the dustbin men and power cuts!

Having said that, a house offers a lot more privacy and they are normally cheaper for a lot more space.

T&T TIP: don’t take on a property that needs lots of work, as it can be very time consuming to get jobs done here. Before you move in: look at things like the age of the air conditioning units and white goods, as they’re expensive to replace and a landlord will be reticent.

It is worth thinking about whether you want furnished or unfurnished. Furnished is widely available due to the appeal to the expat; saving money on buying unnecessary furniture. If you find your perfect home and you need it unfurnished or furnished, the landlords are normally quite willing to accommodate.

Furniture & homeware

Regardless of whether you opt for furnished or unfurnished, you will probably still want a few personal things. Check out our shopping section for a detailed list.

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