Sometimes you don’t have the time to get to a doctor or you don’t want to leave the comfort of your bed and endure the traffic and waiting rooms. At home services are also brilliant if you want a blood test but don’t want to go to hospital to be filled with germs.


This app is incredibly helpful, you can see a doctor of your choice (there is a wide spectrum of specialist doctors) within 5 minutes of logging on and selecting a service. All the doctors on here are SLMC registered. They not only offer a video or audio phone service, but they have also partnered up with E-Channelling so you can book your hospital appointments easily. What we love about this service is how they attach a prescription which if you click on it; it will deliver to your home, genius. This service works through the night too, so in a moment of panic you always have someone to talk to.

2. Health Scan

9A Tickell Rd, Colombo 08 | 0114 616 666
Dr Manouri and her team are on call to come to your home and help with medical diagnostics, blood tests, vitamin boosts, home dengue treatment (if not too severe). Dr. Manouri is a fantastic doctor, incredibly caring and thorough in her care. They are available through the night too. They also have a physical practice, so you can go and visit on less urgent matters.

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