A Life Of Kids


Sri Lankans have a special affinity for children. This interest is largely harmless, so, while it is unusual, do not be alarmed if they wish to stroke your child’s face or want to take a photo. It’s based off a pure love of children in general. This love can come in handy sometimes, like when you’re in a restaurant, or need to charm someone. However, if you find it overwhelming, you can always politely say that is enough. Despite this love of children, Colombo does lack kid-centric entertainment. The plus side though, is that your kids will develop a great sense of adventure and will find joy in nature by playing on the beaches and exploring the countryside beyond. Another bonus to this shortcoming is Colombo has become a treasure trove of individuals who have set up groups and activities for children; you must hunt around, but we have given you some of our favourites.
T&T TIP Unfortunately, in this day and age it is not advisable to let strangers take photos of your children; make a judgement call and if you feel uncomfortable say no, or “eppa”- meaning “don’t”.