Medicine: Conventional & Alternative


Medicine and healthcare can be daunting when you first arrive and don’t have a clue where to go and who to see. The good news is: healthcare in Colombo is of a relatively high standard. The cosmetic look of hospitals may not seem top notch, but the medical teams are. The medical system is generally modelled on the UK system, and the doctors have standard compulsory university degrees and thorough hospital training. Many of the specialist doctors have done their further training in the UK, America or Australia.

So, a quick low down on how the medical system works in Sri Lanka: there are government hospitals and private hospitals; as an expat you would probably want to choose a private hospital. Colombo’s most notable private hospitals are Lanka Hospital, Nawaloka Hospital, Asiri Hospital, Asiri Surgical Hospital and Asiri Central Hospital. There are others, but these are a few of the best. It should be noted though that in some very serious cases requiring very specialist care, the private hospitals will have you transferred to the General Hospital, Colombo’s biggest government hospital which has the best equipment in the country.  Once you know the situation, you can find the right private hospital and specialist.

PLEASE NOTE in an emergency like burns, severe bleeding etc, T&T has been told government hospitals are the best first port of call. They do not look pretty, nor do they have any bedside manner but you will have excellent doctors on hand, you can then of course be transferred into the private sector.