We have tried to cover as many aspects of the shopping field as possible, there is always more, and we will keep reviewing this to keep you up to date. Colombo is a mixed bag when it comes to shopping. On one side, Sri Lankan creativity is bursting in Colombo; lots of young designers are coming onto the scene with their offerings, most of which are ethically or environmentally sustainable in some way. This is not simply fashion focused, homeware is also making its mark in Colombo at the moment, as well as food! Gourmet food shops are popping up supplying imported goodies alongside local small enterprise businesses.
The flip side is that import duty is very high, so you have to pay the price when it comes to luxury goods. It can be hard to find certain things at affordable prices, or hard to find them at all! This is sad but true when it comes to good quality shoes (especially for the kids) and tampons. Finding good everyday clothing can be a challenge too at times. We’re still praying for Zara to make their way to Colombo. Fingers crossed!
T&T TIP: on home appliances: if you’re bringing these over from your home country, be sure to check their voltages. Sri Lanka uses 230v. If the standard voltage where you’re from is 220-240v then you should be fine. If not though, you should look into either buying suitable appliances before you arrive on these shores, or preparing to spend money here on what you need.