This is mostly for specialist doctors. In most cases, you will be referred to a doctor by your GP, and be told at which hospital the doctor in question consults patients. You can then visit the hospital in person to set up an appointment based on the doctor’s schedule and availability.

Another reasonably more convenient way is through E-Channelling. To do this you dial the number 225 and follow the steps; the service is largely automated until the end, when you finalise your appointment with a service person. E-Channelling deducts the cost of your chosen doctor’s consultation from your phone bill so be sure to have enough credit to cover this before E-Channelling.

T&T TIP: E-Channeling will give you a number in the queue, time slot, and the time the sessions starts. However, the doctors usually run late because of consultations and shifts at other hospitals. There is never any point going early; you are notified when the doctor actually starts seeing patients for your session, so based on where you are on the list of appointments, you can choose when to make your way over.

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