Our home is our kingdom and if you are not comfortable and happy in your kingdom, then cocooning is going to be tricky.  Interior design is one thing but changing the energy in your home is in, my opinion, essential.  One of the most respected traditions of this idea is feng shui.  In feng shui one of the most important cures is to restore order by the removal of clutter and negative energy from the home and replace it with more positive energy, your chi.   This is something we can all do right now and benefit from.  When you look after your home with love and attention the home feels happier. Embrace your home as your sacred space for you and your other cocooners.

There are some simple steps which will genuinely make a difference. I believe that lighting a match in the corners of your rooms, can help clear dull negative energy.  You can also light candles and move the candle around your various rooms; incense, or sage (smudging) works too.  I often will chant “om” while doing this, or you could say your own prayer.  Look at your space and think how you could improve it?  Re-imagine the space and get creative, I have a friend who told me she has zoned her house.  The garage is the keep fit space, the sitting room has turned into an arts and craft corner and the dining room table can quickly be turned into a ping pong table, amazing! Just the simple act of moving the furniture around can change the energy into a more positive space.  When your home becomes full of clutter, heaps of clothes on floor, dead plants, piles of papers on the floor etc, these are the  important clues that there is stagnant energy in your home, which will disrupt the flow of good, clean, sparkling energy in a home.  So start tackling areas of your home, pull out that horror cupboard and re-do it. Take your time and if you don’t have lots of time just do it in stages.  I guarantee you will feel proud of yourself and there will no longer be that ‘dreaded space’ in your home.

“When you are safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure, you wish you were safe at home.”

–Thornton Wilder–

When you are safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; when you’re having an adventure, you wish you were safe at home.”

#Thornton Wilder#

I live in an apartment and since Lockdown I was feeling rather trapped.  I needed another space which felt sacred for the whole family.  I realized it was the balcony.  We had never really used the space, it was where we kept the stuff that didn’t fit into our apartment but now, I’ve transformed it.  Although I can’t buy plants, I realized I had enough of them, I just hadn’t made them stand out.  I took everything off the balcony, scrubbed it within an inch of its life and then planned my new layout.  The stuff is still there but better organized, the plants are arranged, watered and dead leaves removed so they can be appreciated and I have created a crystal garden which allows me to meditate there.  I found two of the kid’s chairs and a table and now they often eat out there which just feels psychologically better.  We now use the space the whole time, be it our morning tea to our evening gin.  I love it and I’m so grateful to have found a new room.

Other ideas are to diffuse essential oils or burn a candle to help give your home an inviting smell.  A beautiful smelling space always lifts my mood and makes me want to stay put.  Oils which are great if you want to be more focused are things like peppermint oil, rosemary, clary sage and lemon oil.  I also love frankincense, rose geranium and lavender for a more relaxing vibe.

Play music in your home, remember the tunes you used to listen to, explore more music, put it on full volume, dance, laugh and enjoy.  Listen to whatever is going to get you in the right mood.

Lastly feel gratitude for your home, close your eyes and imagine beaming good thoughts and joy into every corner.  I know it sounds a little hippy but what have you got to lose? Thank the space for keeping you safe.  Ask the space to give you want you want, set your intention, maybe for better sleep, more clarity, a happy family atmosphere.  You can repeat this process as often as you want.

Your home should not just be a place of sleeping, eating and studying instead it should nurture you, comfort you and bring you joy.



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