Emergency contact numbers

T&T has put together a list of sorts of numbers to call in case of emergency. In addition to this, it is also good to familiarize yourself with the numbers of your embassy as well. We also recommend the website, it’s a very useful site for reliable information and also has a list of numbers. The Colombo Municipal Council  is also a useful site to go to for general information and various numbers.

Service Number Detail
Ambulance Service 1990 we’ve always been advised not to use this, and that it’s better to get yourself or the patient to the hospital directly and call ahead. However, in the case of a heart attack or rapid loss of blood or similar, CALL FOR HELP
Police Emergency Service 119
Police Emergency Rescue 118/119
Fire & Rescue 110
Fire Brigade 0094 112 422 222 0094 11 2 714444
Expressway Emergency 1969 This is specifically for accidents/ emergencies that happen on the expressways leading down-south or to the hills.
Accident Ward, General Hospital 0094 112 691 111
Bomb Disposal Squad 0094 112 434 251
Crime Reporting 0094 112 691 500
Government Citizens
Information Centre
1919 Good source of information
Colombo Municipal Council 0094 112 691 191

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