Expat Stories: Natasha

1. What brought you to Colombo and what where you doing here before you came to this tropical land?

My husband’s work brought us to Sri Lanka, and I am so glad it did! Before becoming a ‘trailing spouse’, I was (and am) a Midwife.

2. Have you found it easy to adapt to Colombo living? What has been your biggest challenge?

I have loved living in Sri Lanka, and I believe I adapted really well straight away. I met so many lovely friends in my first few weeks which created a bond that I believe will last a long time. My biggest challenge has probably been becoming an ‘employer’ and having to delegate tasks.

3. What is the thing you love most about your life in Colombo?

There are so many things! I love that I am surrounded by travel-loving people. There is always someone to go to lunch with. I love the school my children attend and that there is a bus which takes them there. And I adore the friendships that our family has made.

4. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had here in Colombo? The absolute must do here before you leave?

So many memories. I love a safari, so much fun for all of the family, an absolute must do (again). My most memorable experiences would be the beach villa/hotel stays that we have had with friends, and sunset drinks at Galle Face Hotel.

5. What is your top tip for any newcomers?

Introduce yourself to everyone. Ask questions. Never decline an invitation!

6. What home comfort do you miss the most, have you found a replacement?

I am English but emigrated to Australia, where Marmite does not gain a lot of love. Sri Lanka has my Marmite, so I have managed to indulge in my UK home comfort.

What I found hard here was not being able to do a one-stop food shop, so much time is spent visiting various shops to gain the ingredients for dinners. Sadly, I have not found a replacement, although I feel it will come soon to Colombo!

7. What is your greatest find in Colombo?

This changes regularly, depending on what is new and what I need. Spar with their tinned chopped tomatoes was a great find. Frutty Froyo Greek Yogurt and Black Cat was a must at the beginning for great Coffee!

8. What has been your funniest expat moment in Colombo?

More amazement moments than funny, and there are many…from seeing an Elephant on the back of a truck, to a man carrying a double bed frame on his bike, to the crazy and sometimes scary driving that can be seen regularly!

9. Where is your favourite place to eat at currently?

Seed café is a fave, as is its sister café ‘Grind’. And of course, Kiku!

10. What have you learnt about yourself since coming to Colombo?

That having some time to myself, to enjoy the things I like, has a positive impact on my family, not a negative.

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