Forget finding a good man, finding a good, reliable handyman is the real challenge. After much trying and testing, the T&T team, with the help of our friends and colleagues, have been able to find a few good men or ways to source some when needed. Our picks below.

1. Handyman Services

077 775 6213
This is an excellent husband and wife team, who employ 7 staff to cater to all your needs, from gardening to electronics. Very well trained, reliable and a high level of English.

2. Quick Help

077 372 0121 |076 663 1070
Quick Help is a service that provides electricians, plumbers and handymen. They are very good to have saved in your phone in an emergency situation.

3. Integrity Services

241 Second Floor, Havelock Rd, Colombo 06 | 077 368 0680
This is a company that provides plumbers, electricians and engineers to fix issues in the home. They’re not the cheapest; but they’re professional, and you can explain the problem to the company in English and they will brief who they send to you.

4. Find A Baas!

This is a cool new website that acts as a directory for contractors, handymen, carpenters, movers etc. We haven’t personally tried them out, but they look like they may be worth a shot.


These are all good and reliable electricians. They speak a reasonable amount of English but it’s always helpful to have someone who speaks Sinhalese or Tamil with you.

1. Ameer

2. Sagara Electrician

3. Kapila Electrician

4.Tania and Tamara

077 757 7501

They are efficient,responsible and professional, and can repair a range of electric appliances.


For plumbing, we recommend the following:

1. Speedy Plumbers

0777 425 166
Ask for Mr. Fouze. He’s Extremely reliable, speaks English and does the job well.

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