Organic and healthy eating has finally hit Colombo- phew! It is still slowly trickling into the restaurants, but in the comfort of your own home you can go wild because you can pretty much get it all now.

1. Good Market

14 Reid Ave, Colombo 07 | Opening Hours: 8am-8pm | 077 276 4455
Tucked into a little gated community opposite the Racecourse, it was one of the first to launch. They are Sri Lankan focused and have some good things like interesting herbs and spices, grains and seeds. You must hit the fruit and veg section on the right day. They also sell free range eggs.

2. Raw Organic Handcrafted Juices

382/9 N.A.S Silva Mawatha, Pepiliyana, Boralesgamuwa | Opening Hours: 8am-5pm (Closed on Saturdays and open from 10am-5.30pm on Sundays)
| 077 771 0229

RAW makes delicious and healthy cold pressed organic juices. The owner uses her Ayurvedic knowledge when choosing the blends of fruit and vegetables she uses. She also does cleanses where you can order your juices in bulk for the period of your choosing. We tried the 3-day cleanse and were given a selection of different coloured juices to drink through the day, 6 in total; you can eat other raw foods on a cleanse if you need, and it certainly gives you results. Order via her Instagram account or Facebook page.

3. Bohemian Quest

78 Rosmead Place, Colombo 07 | Opening Hours: 10.30am-7pm (Open from 9am-5pm on weekends) | 076 177 5550
A very clean and inviting store, they have a great range of products which, although have a price tag on them, we are very glad to see. They sell bee pollen, a huge range of seeds and nuts, quinoa, lots of nut milks, delicious hummus.

4. Saaraketha

ONLINE and Home Bargains 16/6A Mohideen Terrace, Ward Place Colombo 07| Opening Hours: 9am-6pm | 077 314 7792
You will find them at the Good Market on a Saturday, but you can also order online from them through Uber Eats. You can order their set boxes or just choose what you need. Their limes are big and juicy, and they also have interesting vegetables which you might not have tried before like snake gourd, or moringa. The convenience of them delivering to you is huge.  They have just launched a new Gluten Free range, we are yet to try but it looks delicious and Cafe Kumbuk have started to stock it so we feel positive about mentioning it here!  They now stock at Home Bargins on Ward Place.

5. Kenko 1st Organic Foods

27/12 Rosmead Pl, Colombo 07 | Opening Hours: 8am-9pm | 071 580 0800
Kenko is a great organic store with fresh produce and healthy food choices. They receive their fresh produce twice a week, and have a genius service where they WhatsApp you when they receive new arrivals. They will also deliver to you for a small fee. They have very helpful staff which is always a bonus.

6. Honest Greens

98/1 Lake Drive, Colombo 08 | Opening Hours: 9am-5pm (Closed on weekends) | 0117 024 251
We love this company for easily bringing kale and rocket into our lives with just a few clicks, via Uber Eats. They are also at Arpico and Spar. They have a climate-controlled farm where they can grow our favourite greens throughout the year.

7. Home Bargains

16/6a Mohideen Terrace, Ward Palce, Colombo 07 | Opening Hours: 9am-9pm (Closed from 12pm-2pm on Fridays) | 076 355 2927
They also have an outlet at 32 Melbourne Avenue,Colombo 04 (077 337 8666).They feature again because they have a superb range of health foods, including brands like Trader Joes, Macro Organics. What can we say; it is rapidly becoming our one stop shop.

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