Massages & Spas

1. Spa Ceylon

103/7 Galle Road, Colombo 03
0112 337 111
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm
We have included the details of their flagship store and spa, near the Cinnamon Grand. There are several all over Colombo though, so it’s best to check their website and find the one nearest to you. This is one of Sri Lanka’s greatest brands and has gone international. Our favourite treatment is the ‘Ultimate Foot Ritual’; it is absolute heaven and never disappoints. You are in a room with other people, so be prepared, but you certainly feel you have your own space. They have a gorgeous range of their own products and it’s brilliant to take guests to. They do private full body massages with either local or foreign therapists who are normally Thai or Indonesian. They will charge you more for a foreign therapist, which is a slight bugbear at Thambili and Tantrums HQ. Sri Lankan therapists can be trained to just as high a standard, equal pay for equal quality we say!!

2. Foot Rub

No: 77, Galle Road, Kollupitiya, Colombo 02
0777 780 255
There are several all over Colombo, including at the airport. Best to find the one nearest to you from their website. As can be gathered from their name, they focus on foot massages; you can choose what length of time you desire, and you have your own little section within one room. They are great pick-me-ups and are often found in the shopping malls. The Shiatsu seated back massage also does the trick. This place is great; they are professional and extremely efficient. It’s not a place to go for deep relaxation, but when you need a massage and are on the move, it’s the place to go. They have an outlet at the airport; sit the kids in front of an iPad and go for a de -stress session before a long-haul flight- just saying!

3. Angsana City Club and Spa

75B Galle Road, Colombo 03. In the Cinnamon Grand Complex
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm
011 242 4245
This one is very popular with a lot of the Colombo community, being a very professional and luxurious spa. It’s a higher price bracket but you are pretty much guaranteed a great treatment.

4. Breathe Day Spa

10 Cambridge Terrace, Colombo 07
Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm
077 244 4888
They offer very good massages. They have Thai and Indonesian therapists who have been well trained in their fields. LuLu has recently arrived, and we LOVE her massages.

5. Kemara

14 Reid Avenue, Colombo 7 (Opposite the race course)
Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm
011 269 6498
A beautiful Spa offering lots of different treatments including scrubs and massages. They use their own products and have very good quality essential oils. Highly recommended and extremely professional.

6. CHI the Spa, Shangri la

The Shangri La Hotel, 1 Galle Face, Colombo 02
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm
011 788 8288
This one is the most expensive of the options, but if you are looking for that ultimate spa experience, then look no further. They offer a wide range of treatments and are extremely professional; the whole ambience of the spa is just heavenly. The T&T team love the Signature Asian Blend Massage and think it’s one of the best massages here in Colombo. They have a steam room and a light therapy thermal pool which you are welcome to use afterwards.

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