Natural Disasters

Sri Lanka has had its share of natural disasters. Most of you will be aware of the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 and how badly it hit Sri Lanka. The 2004 tsunami was a freak incident compared to the other natural disasters that Sri Lanka is prone to, and measures have been put in place, including alert systems, to avoid similar situations in the future, if ever they arise. The Disaster Management Centre of Sri Lanka believes it is equipped to respond to future disasters more efficiently.

Sri Lanka has no volcanic activity and is not susceptible to earthquakes. Forest fires and hurricanes have also luckily steered clear of Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lankan version of terrible weather is heavy rainy days, and these are few and far between; though November, December and January tend to be relatively gloomy months with more frequent rain.

There is, however, a risk of flooding, especially after heavy rain or the monsoon. This won’t necessarily affect you where you are in Colombo, but it is something to be aware of if you’re traveling, or if your staff might be affected. Often there are relief charities which will call for donations of clothing and food.

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