International newspapers are not found over here, though there is a wide selection of daily and weekend papers available that can be delivered to your home. It is quite easy to arrange home delivery, go to your local newsagent (they are on most corners), and they will arrange this. See the following website for a list of print and online  news sources

Post office and Mail

So, mail in this country is a frustrating experience full stop! But here are some tips and an explanation of how it all works. Sending letters is fairly easy. You go to your local post office (or any post office really), specify whether you want to send your letter by registered post or not, get your letter weighed, and purchase the  stamps required, which the postmaster will give you. After your letter is stamped, you hand it over, and it will get sent (it may take a while).

Receiving post is not complicated; it comes directly to your house.

Sending and receiving parcels is a complicated matter though, because Customs comes into play. Sending is easier than receiving. On receipt, parcels are likely to get stuck in Customs-limbo and you usually need to end up paying ridiculous amounts in duties to clear them through. This report is far from positive, we know, and we are trying to find more information on this and will hopefully update soon.

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