Thank the gods for online purchasing! Sri Lanka has a growing e-commerce sector, with established companies, small to medium enterprises and even home entrepreneurs using the internet to drum up business. The beauty of this is you don’t have to leave the house to find and buy something good. Our top picks for online stores are below:

1. Queens Cart

For all your Ikea desires this is the lady to contact, she has some stock but you can also order through her. Prices are much higher, but you have to accept that for the convenience and the import taxes.

2. Eco Kade

Kade means shop in ‘Sinhala’. Eco Kade is a good site for purchasing sustainable products like bamboo coffee cups, metallic straws and the like.

3. Just Goodness

Just Goodness is a brilliant resource for a wide variety of products and brands that have an ethical standing. Product segments range from chemical free skin care to nutritional foods and supplements.

4. Home Bargains

A Facebook business that has now expanded into their own store on Ward Place, they have a great range of imported food and household products, that deliver to your door at great prices.

5. Sri Lanka’s versions of Amazon

So these are basically Sri Lanka’s versions of Amazon. We probably shouldn’t be listing them next to each other but they are in the same market and each have a wide range of fairly similar product. They also have speedy delivery (3-5 working days).   

6. King Cone

King Cone does outrageously delicious ice-creams which come in the most fantastical flavours. We apologise in advance for your addiction to this ice cream and your related weight gain!

7. Pettah Online

An attempt to get the wonder of Pettah online. We are on board with this concept and it is great for supplying you with disposable plates etc.

8. Original Source and Supply

With the most beautiful designs and prints, everything on this site cleverly encapsulates the spirit of Sri Lanka. They have a wide range of stuff; we love their postcards and their kimonos. Check out this site and you will find it very inspiring.

9. Zoto Online

They’ve got a good selection of homeware items and kitchen ware

10. The Frenchies

We are so impressed by this lasted addition to Colombo, they are a butchers shop, they have a fantastic range, from Pates, Toulouse Sausages to well cut meats.  They will deliver with orders over 3,000 Rs, best way to order is by WhatsApp 0764 96 28 94.

9. GLOMARKt Sri Lanka

GLOMARK is an online supermarket store which will deliver to your home.  Lots of people have used this service and are super happy with it.  They have a good range of products and reasonably priced.

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