Good lord is this really my world right now? I am currently a reluctant home schooling mum who now can’t even escape her house for some much needed sanity control. Oh, the joys of 2020 and the never ending supply of challenges.

As some of you may know I am fascinated by human behavior and how we are able to bring joy into our lives however restricted we may feel. I have spent several years exploring the mind and our actions and I thought it might be helpful to share some of my knowledge and tips with you all.

I previously wrote articles in the first lockdown about how to thrive and not just survive, I want to expand on that and allow us all to see that this period of time is an incredible opportunity to secure some helpful tools and practices to forever more make your life more joyous, allow you to feel grounded and in control even in the craziest of moments. The two most fundamental points to learn and understand are….


“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”  Carl Jung 

Oh how revolutionary this was to me.  For us to fully accept ourselves we must understand that we are perfectly placed exactly where we are right now; we need to shine for who we are and not sit in an illusion that we are broken.  We seem to be in a society where we are made to believe we need to be mended; we aren’t good enough in our current state?!( Take a moment to really reflect on that statement- isn’t that crazy!)

Well, I am here to tell you it is not true, we must stop, take a moment, and look around at ourselves, the whole 360 degrees and learn to love each and every part of us.  They are not all pretty but they are us and it is what makes us unique.  Remember we are not meant to feel great the whole time, we need moments of feeling utterly rubbish to guide us on.  I’m not saying we can’t improve ourselves, but we have to be 100% comfortable with ourselves right now.  Stop leaking energy to try and fix yourself, you can’t be creating great things in your life if you constantly think you need to change yourself.  Quite simply love who and where you are right now.  We are not here in this world to resolve ourselves; we are here to be the very selves we are made to believe are not good enough by society.   It’s time to wake up to your true nature, say to yourselves “I am ALL of it, the beautiful and the ugly, the successful and the failure.”


“Choice, NOT chance, determines your destiny” Aristotle.

How many times, have you thought, “why me” or “I cant do that I wish I could BUT…(AND MADE UP SOME EXCUSE)”  For many years I carried a victim label, I always had an excuse and during this second lockdown it has become easy to slip back into it, especially when it comes to doing things for myself.  I have had to remind myself of the importance of taking sovereignty of my life by the choices that I take and make.  If I step outside of the story that I am a victim, there is a whole new dialogue and it is far more exciting and liberating.  Once the death of the victim within you then comes the power of taking full responsibility of your life.  That is a far more exciting road to take, don’t you think? When we feel like a victim it is an amazing alarm bell to tell us to wake up and get back to focusing on what we really want from our lives, step out of the victim role and jump into owning your life.  Stop hating where you are at in this current moment and embrace the opportunity you are in and start creating the things you truly and wholeheartedly want in your life.

If you can identify in these scenarios then in our next article I will be teaching you  a few easy tools to implement into each day so that you take control of your very precious days rather than allowing our beliefs to run the show.  When you feel the comfort of these old friends returning, and we all do, however aware we are of them, then these tools will help you shift them.  They are your tools for a lockdown life and beyond…

I would like to dedicate this article to Jenny Remmington Hobbs, my teacher and a great friend who has given me such a new joy for life and showing me the power we all have within ourselves! xx

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