In general, prescriptions are becoming more and more important, but many medicines are still available over the counter,for example the contraception pill is something you can just go in and ask for. However, there has recently been a crackdown on antibiotics and prescriptions are now strictly required for antibiotics. Many of the medications might be the generic form and are often made in India. Check with a doctor about certain medications you are on and if they are the same formulations as you are used to.

1. Health Net Buy

0094701 795 795 (WhatsApp)
For medication delivery, this is a genius service, all you need to do is send them a copy of your prescription and they will deliver to you. You can also manage long term medications with monthly refills, so even if you forget, they won’t.

2. Union Chemist (chain)

460 Union Pl, Colombo 02 | Opening Hours: 7am-11pm | 0112 692 532
This chain stocks a good range of medical products, many of which can be hard to find elsewhere. It is rather chaotic but good. We have included the details for their largest store, but they have others dotted about.

3. Health Guard (chain)

139 A Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 07 | 0114 737 255
They are the best of the pharmacies; very clean, organised and have a very fantastic range of products including beauty, vitamin supplements and specialist equipment. You can also order online from them. We have included the details for their largest store, but they have others as well, for example a well stocked one on LG level of the One Galle Face Mall.

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