Private Drivers and Car RENTAL

Private Drivers and Car RENTAL

Some companies do not allow their international employees to drive in Sri Lanka and therefore, they need to employ a driver and a car. There are lots of car rental firms where you can rent a car and driver on a monthly/ yearly basis. Below is a list of rental companies:
Cannan Reliance Rentals
Casons Rent A Car 
Kings rent a Car 

Buying a car in this country is extremely expensive, their prices are this high due to duty charges and crazy taxes applied on vehicle imports to Sri Lanka. The good news is that if you buy a car, they hold their value much better than they would in Europe, the States or Australia.

In terms of finding a driver, word of mouth or advertising in the newspapers are the most reliable methods. Make sure he or she has all the relevant police checks, a clean driver’s license, and T&T strongly recommend that you give them a few days’ trial to make sure they know their way around Colombo. Many come from out of Colombo and do not have a clue where they are going; trust us, we have been there! When you find a good driver, you want to hold on to them because they are more than just a driver, they can help you with other jobs too. (FOR MORE HELP WITH GETTING A GOOD DRIVER CLICK TO  THE  DOMESTIC HELP SECTION)

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