The common custom in Sri Lanka is to go and see a doctor in the hospital. To those expats who are used to seeing a GP first, this practice might seem strange. We have come across some brilliant GP’s in our time here, who have their own independent practices, below are our favourites. Something to be aware of is doctors readily prescribe unnecessary medication in Sri Lanka, especially antibiotics. The doctors recommended here are generally good at minimising prescription to the absolutely necessary.

1. Dr Chandana Galappatthi

63A Malalasekara Place, Colombo 05 | 0777 310 636
Dr. Chandana, based out of ‘The Physio’ on Longdon Place, is fantastic and is a truly caring man. He will do home visits as well, and is very popular with the expat community. Many who have seen him say they wouldn’t go to any other doctor.

2. Healthy Life Clinic

10, deal Place (A), off Duplication Road, Colombo 03. | 0114 700 700
Dr. Kayathri has built up a respectable clinic where you can go for various services from speech therapy to diabetes advice. Dr. Kayathri is herself a very professional GP, who is sensible and thorough in her consultation.

3. Health Scan

9A Tickell Rd, Colombo 08 | 0114 616 666
An excellent service, they do home visits and you can also go to their practice. Dr. Manouri and her team are highly professional and offer a very good level of service to their clients.

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