State of Emergency

There are a few different states of emergency that can be declared based on what the situation warrants. It needs to be said though that this sounds a lot scarier than it is in reality.

One effect of the State of Emergency is that, should a tense or sensitive situation arise (e.g. a riot, or mob incident), the Government can take a call on deciding to block all social media (mainstream apps really, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger being the ones that are most consistently blocked). When this happens, your internet might be at a minimum and your internet access cut off. This is easily combatable with the use of a VPN. There are lots of free VPNs, it is useful to download a VPN prior to your visit to keep on your phone just in case, as Google Play is also disabled in the event of a social media block. If you have a VPN, your internet activity can go on as normal.

Be careful when going out. Only go out when you’re certain it is safe, and do try and limit unnecessary travel around the country, particularly to areas that are difficult to travel to. Also, keep your ID or a clear/certified copy of it with you at all times.

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