It is beyond important to get your little ones swimming ASAP when living surrounded by water.  You cant rely on the life guards to watch your child so if they are not confident swimmers, it goes without saying, please use swimming supports and always keep an eye on your child.  Below are some great swimming classes and we hope to update you soon with some private tutors who will home visit.

1. Bolling Swimming Academy

Gymkhana Club (CH&FC)
31 Maitland Crescent, Colombo 07 |
The late founder is David Bolling, who represented Sri Lanka, winning medals internationally and at home and was passionate about teaching all ages to swim and to love it. His foundation continues to teach guided by the same passion. From toddlers to adults, you are never too late to perfect your swimming.

2. Rainbow Swimming Academy

NCC Rainbow Swimming Academy
29, Maitland Pl, Colombo 07 | 0115 339 476
They offer classes for all age groups starting from toddlers. Their trainers are well trained and knowledgeable, but not the most dynamic. They have two pools: one where they teach the beginners and then a 6-lane pool for the more advanced swimmers. The pool and surrounding areas certainly need a facelift. That said, the actual pool is always clean.

3. Killer Whales (Swim America-Sri Lanka)

CR&FC Sports Complex
28 Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 07 | 0112055529
The founder was a coach in the USA before returning to Sri Lanka. To be honest most of the swim schools are similar; the administration staff is useless, but the teaching staff is usually decent. We find that Colombo is really lacking an enthusiastic, dynamic and vibrant swim school; one that does not just methodically teach children but makes it fun for them.

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