Written by Hermione Bigland Warman

Be careful what you wish for… how many times have you thought you just don’t have time for those quality family moments?  How many times have you said if only you had more time you would clean those cupboards, change your diet or start a new exercise regime? Well your wish has been granted, this is a moment in your life where you choose to either survive or thrive.  In Sri Lanka we have been in complete lockdown since 20th March 2020 and let’s not lie, it has been challenging.  We have all seen those amusing GIFs and posts showing haggard, drunken people “surviving” this time.  There is another way, it may not be so comical on social media but it will make you feel so much better, so let’s not just survive instead we can THRIVE!   I am no magician, I can’t take those gritty, hair tearing moments away from you, but I can hopefully help bring adventures, joy, giggles and fun into your day.

Let us see this time as a way of bringing balance into our days.   Your day can only be 50% good and 50% bad.  Even when your day is at its worst, the best news is, there will be glimpses of joy and happiness, grab onto them and weave them together to make up your 50% good.

We have been told that we must “Social Distance” but I love the movement to change the term to “Physical Distancing”.  We are humans and we need other human contact, so each day reach out to friends and family. Check out House Party, Zoom etc., grab your favourite drink, choose the same playlist, maybe cook the same meal and have a catch up.  Change your mindset so that you don’t feel completely isolated from everyone.  Instead of quarantine lets see this as Cocooning.  Cocooning has a more nurturing tone and that is what this time is all about.  It is for us to reconnect with friends and family, break bad habits and leave this experience with new positive choices.  Let’s not kid ourselves; we aren’t going to achieve everything, but we can take one or two new thoughts and ideas into our lives.

Over the next few weeks I will be gathering some helpful tools to inspire you to feel fabulous, to radiate love and joy from within and most importantly wake up everyday feeling that in this moment you are thriving. My darling community, together we are stronger and the more we all radiate true joy and love, we can conquer anything that is thrown at us.

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