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Tuk Tuks

Tuk Tuks are an iconic feature of Colombo. We all love them, but you do have to be cautious. They are a good way to get around if you are in a rush (they nip in and out of traffic) and a great activity for you if you have guests in town. They are also very cheap, and you can hire one for the whole day for around RS 1000. You can hail a Tuk Tuk, when you do, ask if they have a meter, if not, make sure you agree a price before you get in and be prepared to haggle. Be aware of where you are going, and be prepared for a lot of car fumes and, at times, a very scary ride. They do not provide seat belts and are prone to breaking down, but we have a fondness for them. It’s a true Sri Lankan experience. You can now pre order a Tuk Tuk with the below apps.


Taxis here are good and reliable, although they love a car air freshener and minimal ac, both of which are personal bug bears! You can easily pre-book a taxi, and apps of the major companies are available.

Uber  need to install this app if you haven’t already, you can then pay by card or cash, very useful, and an international brand so once installed you can use in lots of countries

Kangaroo Cabs  011 588 588 (brilliant for airport journeys, very reasonable)

Pick Me   Best to download app. A very popular service and good to support as a local brand, great also for pre-booking a Tuk Tuk.

Budget Taxi–   0117 299 299

YoGo– App for travel around Sri Lanka. Ranges from Tuk Tuk to Lorry! On Apple and Android

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