Tutoring is a big thing in Sri Lanka, T&T believe that children, especially when very young, should learn at school; and that when at home, it is important to play and have extra-curricular activities instead of being sat to perfect their letters. Having said that, sometimes your children need an extra helping hand, so here is who we recommend for interactive, fun learning. We have yet to find a fabulous tutor who comes to your home, we are on the look-out and will update when we can.

1. Little Amigos

30/51a Malalasekara Mawatha, Colombo 07 | 071 417 0189
They use the SAM (Seriously Addictive Mathematics) method, which is a scheme from Singapore for ages 4-12. It’s fun and interactive for the kids. They combine classroom learning with worksheets.

2. Kumon Math’s and English Program

76, Achievers, 2/2 Thimbirigasyaya Rd, Colombo 05 | 0112 502 924
They’ve got 3 branches around Colombo. They work with children from ages 3 until 13. They are an international channel with a focus on interactive worksheets to bring independent learning skills to your child. They’ve become very popular over here. They also have a branch in Rajagiririya, at 623 D, Nawala Road.

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