If your child has a medical emergency, it is best to drive them to hospital without delay instead of waiting for an ambulance. Of course, if you think your child is extremely ill and would benefit from paramedics then it is best to dial an ambulance on 1990. The hospitals recommended to us by Dr. Arrif are Ninewells Hospital, Lanka Hospital or Durdans Hospital. Once there, you can contact your paediatrician via the ETU. If your child is ill at night, yet you don’t think you need to go to hospital, you can always contact  and speak to a doctor on call.

Dengue Advice:

Please note it is not advisable to give your children aspirin or ibuprofen if they are unwell, taking such medication can increase the risk of bleeding in Dengue; it is better to have a diagnosis or confirmation from the doctor before administering:
Symptoms of Dengue include headache, very high prolonged fever, acute body pain and a rash over the body. The best prevention is fumigating external spaces at home and using mosquito repellent daily; you can buy excellent stickers that repel mosquitoes  at ‘Milk and Honey‘ and Healthguard pharmacies.

Worms and headlice:

Yuk, but worms and headlice seem to be a common feature here. It is a good idea to de-worm the household(including staff) altogether at least once a year and regularly check for headlice (gross, we know). You will thank us in the long run! Kemara (Reid Avenue) have a great shampoo and spray with comb that you can use regularly.

Hand Foot and Mouth:

A common disease throughout the world but it is seen more frequently in the tropics, characterised by a fever, sore throat and a rash (blisters) on hands and feet that can spread. Do not be alarmed, keep your child off school as it is highly contagious, and use  or other home services to confirm diagnosis so as not to risk spreading the infection to others.


Check with you paediatrician when you arrive here that you are up to date, especially with injections you might not need in your home country but do in Asia. The Sri Lankans have a different vaccination timetable, so if here for a while, it is worth following this routine. Please note that they do not provide a little red book at birth, some mums we know have compiled their own one as a reminder for them and their paediatrician.


1. Dr. Hashir Arrif (eChannelling, Odoc)
We love Dr. Arrif; he has practiced in Europe and has a very sensible approach to your child’s health. He only prescribes antibiotics if an absolute must which is incredibly reassuring. He has a fantastic bedside manner and follows up with you.

2. Dr. Guwani Liyanage (eChannelling, Odoc)
We are very dedicated to Dr, Ariff but he advised us Dr Liyanage was a very good paediatrician.

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