There are no great big spaces in Colombo that are particularly dog friendly, but the T&T team have been told dog-walking is allowed in the Viharamahadevi Park, if you stick to the outer perimeter. For your own pet’s safety, it is recommended that you keep your pet on a lead at all times.

When walking your dog around Colombo you have to be aware of street dogs, which can be quite aggressive.

T&T TIP is to carry a small bottle of citronella spray and if you feel threatened you can spray it near the nose of the dog. Also, don’t forget your pooper scooper! Let’s not leave behind nasty messes.

There are groups who organize playdates for your dogs, which, besides being absolutely adorable, are a great option because dogs love to socialize, and they get a good form of exercise. Speak to Ashwini from The ‘Dog Lady’s House’; she will organise playdates, swim play and outings. So much fun!

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